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 Miss Briginshaw (All day Monday and Tuesday morning)

Miss Ford (Tuesday afternoon - Friday) 

Mrs Bonner

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Hello and welcome back to a new school year.

It has been great to welcome children back to school. We continue to be impressed by the resilience and courage that has been shown by all pupils on a daily basis, and we are looking forward to all of the wonderful learning experiences that we will have this year. 

We aim to keep this website updated with important and useful information for the parents and carers of Year 5 children, so please keep popping back to check times and dates when they appear.


Our topic this term is: How we used to live. We will be exploring this topic through a wide range of subjects, including history, geography, science, RE and DT. For more information, please see the learning overview for Autumn 2020 available at the bottom of this page.


Year 5 will have a P.E. lesson each week, which is on Wednesday.

Please send your child to school in their P.E kit as we will no longer be getting changed in school.


Many thanks for your support and co-operation.


Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Year 5 Team should you have any further questions.

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Home learning project

Autumn 2020

Learning opportunities for children at home This Week's Home Learning 

Previous Home Learning

Autumn 2020 - Home learning project

Year 5 learning overview Autumn 2020

Literacy: Engage with the context of a story (How to Train Your Dragon)

Literacy: Explore vocabulary in the context of a story (How to Train Your Dragon)

Maths: Multi-step addition and subtraction problems

Spelling: To investigate homophones

History: What was life like in Viking Britain?

History:  How was Anglo-Saxon Britain ruled?

Red Chilli Home Learning 16.10.20

Orange Chilli Home Learning 16.10.20

Green Chilli Home Learning 16.10.20

Dont forget you can now complete your Home Learning using Microsoft Teams instead of using paper. Any problems then email: 



Red Chilli Home Learning 9.10.20

Orange Chilli Home Learning 9.10.20

Green Chilli Home  Learning 9.10.20

Red Chilli Home Learning 2.10.20

Orange Chilli Home Learning 2.10.20

Green Chilli Home Learning 2.10.20

Red Chilli Home Learning 25.9.20

Orange Chilli Home Learning 25.9.20

Green Chilli Home Learning 25.9.20

Red Chilli Home Learning 18.9.20

Orange Chili Home Learning 18.9.20

Green Chili Home Learning 18.9.20

Literacy Homework 11.9.20.docx

Maths Homework 11.9.20.docx

Spellings 11.9.20.docx


Photos of work we have completed:

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