Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6

Miss Harris (Mon-Wed am)

Miss Prigg (Wed pm-Fri)

Mrs Arkinstall (Mon am)

Mrs Smythe (Tue-Fri)

Home Learning


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome each and everyone of you back after the break - we hope you had an enjoyable holiday.

We are really pleased with the children's progress last term and we want that to continue this term. 

Please check this page of the website for class and classwork related updates.  

Monday is our PE day.

Please send your child into school in PE kit to come to school as children will not be changing in school.


Autumn Term Learning Overview


This Week's Home Learning

please submit completed work electronically to 

Spring Term 2021 Homework Project

Select 2-3 mini projects to complete by clicking on the poster below.

America's Shakespeare | National Affairs

Please return your project work by Tuesday 30th March!

This week's home learning

Don't forget you can now complete your Home Learning using Microsoft Teams instead of using paper. Any problems then email:                              


Friday 11th December 2020

1 Chilli Red

2 Chilli Yellow

3 Chilli Green



Online Learning opportunities

for children at home


6.1.20 - Word class lesson

6.1.20 - Word class worksheet

7.1.20- Possessive and relative pronouns lesson

7.1.20 - Possessive and relative pronouns worksheet

8.1.20 - Fronted Adverbial lesson

8.1.20 - Fronted Adverbial worksheet




Spelling 1 chilli - Y2 word list worksheet

Y2 common exception word list

Spelling 2 chillis - Y3/4 word list worksheet

Y3/4 word list

Spelling 3 chillis - cious/tious

Y5/6 word list







3 chillis - Mayan Reading

2 chillis - Mayan Reading

1 chilli - Neil Armstrong

Reading Plus














Online Learning opportunities

for children at home



6.1.20 - Decimals 1

6.1.20 - Decimals Worksheet

Maths - Decimals 2

Maths - Decimals 3

RM Easimaths



 Electricity Lesson 1

Electricity Lesson 1























Photos of work we have completed:

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