Update regarding June reopening - 22nd May 2020.

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Please answer the following Department for Education Survey HERE


Expectations at home

From next week, on a fortnightly basis, ALL families will be contacted (via a blocked number) by a teacher or TA. PLEASE make sure you answer. IF there is no answer HOME VISITS will be made, as per safeguarding guidance. 

Need help in a crisis?

School Meal Vouchers

From the 20th April, the Free School Meal Voucher process will be changing as they will now come directly from the government. With an e-mail address they will be sent directly to you. If not, they will have to be individually processed, printed and posted to you.


Child care is ONLY available to key workers, NOT every parent.

If you are unsure whether your occupation qualifies you as a key worker, please tick the other box and school will get back to you asap. However,  this may be over the weekend, as school prepares rotas of staff fit to work and preparation for those children allowed into school from Monday.

If you think you are eligible (a key worker) for your child to remain in school, please follow this link <HERE>

These are difficult times and we thank you for your continued support and understanding.


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