Letter to Parents 02.09.2020


Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

How amazing it was today, to see so many children return to school today, especially as they were keen and excited to be with their friends and staff.

As with any new procedures (no matter how carefully planned) there will always be the need to make some minor alterations, in order to keep all children, families and staff safe.

  • Parents to arrive at school only one or two minutes before school gates open, following social distancing markers on the fence and floor. 


  • Please be mindful how your actions (particularly parking) impact upon other families and local residents.


  • 1DM, 2H, 3AF, 4C and 5FB drop off at 8:45am and collect at 3:15pm. (1pm on Friday.)


  • 1H, 2B, 3F, 4W and 6PH drop off at 9:00 am and collect at 3:30pm (1:15 pm on Friday.)


  • Any families with more than one child, may drop all children off at their specific gate at 8:45pm and collect at 3:30pm, for your convenience.


  • Children should limit the equipment they bring into school such as only lunch boxes, drinks, snack, hats, coats, books. Bags are allowed.


  • Masks are not required in classrooms by children 11 and under, as mishandling during the day can result in increased infection rates.


  • Children receiving free school meals will receive a packed lunch on Fridays to ensure the maximum time for learning.


Please take care of yourselves and our local community.

Michelle Gay

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