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Helpful Ways of Dealing with Worry and Anxiety

We're all finding it difficult to deal with many aspects of our day to day life at the moment. Our daily lives have been disrupted and we aren't sure what tomorrow may bring. Experts say that dealing with our own anxiety can be the most powerful way to make sure that our children feel secure. If you or your children are feeling worried, learning how to deal with that anxiety in a healthy way can help the whole family be more resilient, both now and when the pandemic is over. 

I have listed some of the things that both you and your children can do / talk about as a family to help to tackle these big feelings together! 

1. Keep a Journal

Keep a note of current worries, the place and time of the worries and how it makes you feel in your body when the worries invade. These thoughts can be written down, drawn or simply discussed. Some people may prefer to keep these thoughts private. Do whatever works best for you.  

2. Self-Talk

Think of  self-talk messages to remind each other you have power over your worries. You could write these helpful and positive messages down and put them on sticky notes around the house! For example; I am safe, I am doing my best with my home / school learning. 

3. Exercise

Exercise increases your overall well-being. It relieves tension and stress, boosts physical and mental energy and enhances your well-being through the release of endorhins - which trigger a positive feeling in the body. Find exercise that you can do as a whole family. This could be a walk, dance, PE lesson on line etc

*Focus on Control Activity

 Check out the link below for a family activity to help each other to understand what we can and cannot control and then focus on the things we can actively do to help ourselves. Discuss with your child/children and draw simple pictures on a piece of paper to help everyone to feel more in control.  

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