Newsletter 16.07.2021



Attendance - Our target is 97%

Thank you for all your hard work.

For this school year this is how we have done.

Well done to 2H 97.06% and 3AF 97.35%.

Almost there; 1DM – 96.70%       3F-96.68%

4W – 96.54%      5FB-96.52%       6PH-96.57%


Below target; 1H-95.14%, 2B-94.08%, RD-94.23% and RS-96.67%. Overall for the year 96.09%

Please continue to support YOUR children to be in school, to have the education they all deserve.


Diary Dates

Y6 activities – in school on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st July

Training Days - for staff only Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd September

Term starts for - Y1-Y6 Monday 6th September

Reception – will attend one day in the week beginning Monday 6th September

Reception full time from the week beginning Monday 13th September



Always, it is each parent’s responsibility to ensure that they inform school of their telephone number and e-mail plus, sign up to Marvellous Me.

This week has demonstrated how vital these pieces of information are when we needed to contact 5 classes re the necessity for them to learn at home.

Some parents, are very quick to complain that the school has not informed them but after investigation we find that they have

  • changed their telephone number and not updated school
  • changed their e-mail address and not updated school
  • never signed up to marvellous me
  • deleted their marvellous me
  • did not read the marvellous me
  • did not read their groupcall text

School’s communication system with parents, is only as good as the information we have received.

Marvellous me is now essential, as the school in September, will continue to only communicate electronically.


New Staff for September

We are very pleased to inform you that Mr Heathershaw will be our new SENDCo and Inclusion Lead from September.

This is great news because he is familiar with the school’s systems and children. Plus, he has always had a keen interest in supporting those children who have additional needs.

During these last few weeks of term, he has also been working alongside Miss Briginshaw to ensure a smooth transition of information about children with EHCP’s and on the SEND register.

After a very busy week recruiting new staff, we are also pleased to say that Miss S Parnaby and Miss A Patterson have been employed as teachers and Miss Greddon as a Teaching Assistant.


New Classes and Staff for September

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to move children and staff into their new classes and classrooms from September, as there are 8 staff not in school.

This has created many logistical issues but as usual, the staff at Osborne pull together as a Team and we have managed to keep the school open.

Due to high numbers of children joining and leaving school, which is a pattern being replicated across Birmingham, classes in some year groups will have to be reorganised.

Special consideration is given to friendship groups, academic ability, SEND, children with English as an additional language and vulnerabilities in order to balance the classes.

Parents and children will be informed next week.


End of term for Y6

It is extremely disappointing for all of those children and staff who are currently having to stay at home and complete remote learning, but even more so for Y6.

Unless school could set up some special provision, Y6 would not have the opportunity to say goodbye to their friends and celebrate their time at Osborne.

Currently, supply teachers are in very high demand due to the infection rates and so many staff having to isolate, explaining why 5 classes have had to stay at home for part of this week.

However, due to the dedication of Phase 3 staff and in particular Mrs Smythe and Mrs Bonner, who with Miss Harris have prepared a programme of events, that will allow Y6 to be in school on both Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st July.

We are still hoping that we will be able to record some sessions, so that the children and parents have something to look back on.



Following a suggestion from School Council, we have decided to make the last day of term a Fun Day – Wednesday 21st July.

This is to give the children a well-deserved treat after such a challenging year.

Children can come in non-uniform (no theme, just whatever they’re comfortable in) and no cost.

The day will include a range of activities.

There will also be a picnic bag lunch, and the children are welcome to bring in a teddy or soft toy.

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