Newsletter 04.9.2021


Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you have all had an enjoyable holiday and that the children are as excited as us to be back together next week.


All of this information will be on the website in the newsletter section, so you can refer to it.


Term starts for Y1-Y6 at 8:45 for everyone on Monday 6th September



Arrival and Collection Times at school

Labels have been placed on gates to help you get your child to the correct place in order to enter school.

Reception – children enter at Reception gate, adjacent to Station Road and collected at 3:15

Y1 – enter small gate by Reception gate, queue along front of school inside railings, children enter and parents collect at 3:15 from the Y1 door, leaving in the opposite direction along the front of the school.

Y2, 3 & 4 – children enter via gates opposite Wilton Road. Parents collect children at 3:25 via the car park gate (opposite the police houses) and collect children from the playground and exit via the gates opposite Wilton Road.

Y5 & 6 – children enter via car park gate and parents collect in same way as Y2, 3 & 4 parents at 3:25.

Please DO NOT call your child to come to you, if it appears the staff have not seen you. In order to ensure all children go home safely, with the correct adult, children MUST be SENT TO parents. We thank you for your patience.

FRIDAYS – Reception, Y1 and Y2 to be collected at 12:40.

Y2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 to be collected at 12:50.

These times are for everyone unless you have received confirmation that your child can stay to Friday afternoon provision until 3:15pm.



All children have been informed of their induction session at school during the week beginning Monday 6th September.

We look forward to welcoming all Reception children on a full time basis from the week beginning Monday 13th September.

In the morning, parents are to initially hand children over at the bottom of the steps to the staff member.

At the end of the day, parents will be asked to line up, in separate class lines, and wait for their child to be handed to them at the bottom of the reception steps.



PE Kits

Your child’s class teacher in Y1 – Y6 will inform you of the day your child will have PE.

On this day, the children should not wear school uniform and instead come to school in suitable clothing for PE ie joggers/tracksuit bottoms, t shirt and a sweatshirt plus trainers.

This will enable all of the PE lesson to be spent on physical exercise, rather than 20 minutes for changing.


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