Newsletter 15.02.2022



Diary Dates

School closedFriday 18th February

Half term – Monday 21st February – Friday 25th February

World Book Day – Thursday 3rd March

Learning consultations – Wednesday 9th March


Children’s and Parent’s Safety Arriving and Leaving School

Please remember that yellow zig zag lines are put outside of school entrances and exits, to prevent children and parents from being injured.


Recently, a parent walking on the pavement was hit by a car door because another parent parked on the zig zag lines!!! Luckily, the parent was not seriously hurt but if it had been her child, it could have resulted in a serious head injury.


Senior leaders have been and will continue to take photos of any vehicles parking in this area, resulting in a fine or penalty points being awarded.


Unfortunately, this has resulted in abusive or aggressive behaviour from some parents to senior leaders which is unacceptable. Plus, it does not model our school rules of being ready, being respectful or being safe.


Everyone’s lives are precious and as such, should be protected.


Leaving Osborne

Unfortunately, Mrs Kelsall will be leaving us at half term. She has supported many children and parents over the last eight years and will be missed.

We wish her well in the next chapter of her life.



World Book Day Thursday 3rd March

 This year we are focusing on a whole school story called ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. You can listen to this story at

We would like your child to come to school dressed like a crayon, in the same colour top and bottoms if possible. It will be lovely to see as many children as possible dressed up for the occasion.

Our World Book Day celebrations will begin with an exciting assembly which will feature a variety of staff reading this text to the children! During the day your child will have the opportunity to take part in many exciting activities such as a competition to decorate their classroom door in the style of a book cover, story writing, shared reading with another year group and quite simply spending time reading for pleasure.  Also, keep a look out for our ‘Book in a Jar’ family competition!


Encouraging Children to Read More

To increase engagement with reading for pleasure school will be launching a Book of Books.

Each class will be provided with a scrap book and each week a child will take the scrap book home, along with a little box of scrapbooking accessories such as papers, ribbon, felts, glue etc. They should then design one or two pages in the scrap book all about a book they have read/are reading at home.

The Book of Books should be returned each Monday and time built in during the week for the rest of the class to look at it. This will be launched on World Book Day, so there is an example in the book before children start bringing it home.

Please ensure the book is looked after and returned to school.



Warning re inappropriate online material

that children may access or know of.

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