Letter from Richard Gill 28.02.2022

28th February 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

Re: COVID update

I do hope all of you enjoyed the half term break, despite the storms. I would like to say a really big thank you to all the staff in our schools for keeping everything going as smoothly and effectively as they have under the ongoing challenging circumstances. Also, a really big thank you to all parents and carers for the continuing support you offer our schools in such a positive way.

Schools have been operating as normally as possible for some time now. We all know, however, that the pandemic has not gone away, and schools have continued to experience challenges due to staff and pupil absence during periods of self-isolation. You will be aware that the Prime Minister made an announcement, last week. Following the ‘Living with COVID-19’ announcement on Monday 21st February, staff, students and pupils are no longer advised to undertake twice-weekly asymptomatic testing. As such schools will no longer distribute test kits to pupils, students or staff for regular testing. Staff and students, who wish to do so, will be able to access LFD test kits from their local pharmacy or online. It also seems that it is still possible to access free PCR test for those with COVID symptoms to Get a free PCR test to check if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

In line with government advice, until at least the 1st April, ATLP are requesting that staff and students who have tested positive for COVID 19 stay at home and avoid contact with other people for at least 5 full days and continue to stay at home until they have received 2 negative test results on consecutive days. National guidance states that there is no need to self-isolate beyond day 10, regardless of test result.

Face coverings

Face coverings no longer need to be worn in school however staff and students can do so if they choose.
The safety of all is our absolute priority. We will, therefore, continue to make individual judgements based on the numbers of cases across staff and pupils. In the event of a localised outbreak, we will work closely with the Director for Public Health in ensuring the most appropriate measures are introduced. This is so that we can protect the continuing education of our children and look after the well-being of our staff. A copy of our updated risk assessment can be found at www.atlp.org.uk
Thank you for your continued support and for keeping your child at home if they have COVID 19.

With best wishes to all.

Richard Gill CEO

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