School Uniform

Governors have approved an acceptable dress code demonstrating that school is a special and important place not to be confused with sporting or leisure activities. The uniform choices consist of: 

  • White, blue or grey shirts / blouses
  • Blue, black or grey school trousers / skirts
  • Dark blue jumpers
  • Sensible (low heeled) shoes

Jumpers, cardigans, polo shirts, embroidered with the school logo are available from the following sources:

Other items such as fleece jackets, shower-proof fleece jackets and heavy duty school bags may also be available. Please ask at the school office for an updated list.

It is vital for safety and hygiene reasons that children have the following suitable clothing for P.E.:

  • T-shirt and shorts
  • Pumps for indoor use
  • Trainers for outdoor use

and it is kept in a drawstring bag in school during the week.

A swimming one piece costume / trunks or close fitting shorts (not knee length) will be needed in Years 3 to 6.


For health and safety reasons the children are not permitted to wear any jewellery apart from a watch and stud earrings which must be removed during swimming or PE lessons. If your child wears jewellery as part of religious traditions, they may be asked to remove it or place tape over the item, if it may be hazardous.

Lost Property

PLEASE MARK ALL ITEMS OF CLOTHING CLEARLY, WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME, then the article can be instantly returned.

If an article has been misplaced or lost please check the cloakroom, classroom and the hall by the staffroom before informing the class teacher. After two weeks, lost property which is not claimed will be thrown away, as the school lacks storage space and children should be encouraged to be responsible for looking after their own property.