September Opening Information


Friday 17th July 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,

May I thank you for your co-operation and unending support for the school during this challenging situation. Your understanding and patience have been invaluable and enabled the staff to support your children whether in school or at home.


We have now reviewed our procedures and risk assessments, in light of the guidance given by the Department for Education on 2nd July 2020 and all staff, including those new to Osborne, will have received training today.


Please take the time over the holidays to read and re-read the information below, so that you are familiar with the new procedures schools have been directed to take, in order to keep your children safe and maintain low infection rates within our community.


The government has said that ALL children must attend school from Wednesday 2nd September (Y1 – Y6 at Osborne), as fines will be reinstated. Plus, ALL children should wear school uniform.


Unfortunately, Breakfast and After School Clubs will not be in operation for, at least, the first three weeks, in order to allow the children and staff to adapt to the new procedures. Plus, children new to Reception have a provisional start date during the week beginning 14th September.


The above measures will allow us to review and refine the procedures ensuring that school stays a safe place for learning, fun, socialising and a source of support.


The school will need to introduce staggered arrival and collection times, plus separate access points


RD, 1DM, 2H, 3AF, 4C, 5FB

RS, 1H, 2B, 3F, 4W, 6PH

Access point

02.09 for Y1-6

Provisionally YR 14.09

RD – Reception gate by Station Road

1DM – the open gate close to main entrance

2H & 3AF – gate opposite Wilton Road

4C & 5FB – car park gate

4C – cross car park to pedestrian gate; access building by Y3 classrooms

5FB enter building via short ramp/steps in car park


RS - Reception gate by Station Road

1H - the open gate close to main entrance

2B & 3F – gate opposite Wilton Road

4W & 6PH – car park gate

4W – cross car park to pedestrian gate; access building by Y3 classrooms

6PH enter building via short ramp/steps in car park


Arrival time Monday - Friday

8:45 am

9:00 am

Collection time Monday - Thursday

3:15 pm

3:30 pm

Collection time FRIDAY

1:00 pm

1:15 pm

As parents/carers you can help to reduce the risk of infection by:


  • Be punctual
  • Follow the social distancing markers and one way markers
  • Leave school site and neighbouring roads immediately
  • If your child displays coughing, fever, loss of smell or taste then they MUST NOT come to school
  • Instead get tested via NHS UK or by contacting NHS 119 via telephone if they do not have internet access
  • where a test can be arranged for your child and family members.
  • Children can return to school after a negative test or 7 days isolation and no longer displaying symptoms; siblings would have to isolate for 14 days.
  • As during the pandemic, parents and pupils are encouraged to walk or cycle to school. This also means it is safer and provides more space for social distancing along Osborne Road at arrival and collection times.
  • Parents/carers can only be admitted to the school site by a booked appointment and ONLY if the matter cannot be easily resolved via telephone, e-mail etc.
  • Parents/carers cannot use school toilets
  • Contact school about concerns only by text, class e-mail, enquiry e-mail,  website contact us or phone call; NOT via the office, unless it is an EMERGENCY
  • Money can only be accepted if placed in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and class on the front and placed by your child in the black box
  • Only one parent, at a time, allowed into the main entrance hub


These are some of the protective measures we have taken, in order to reduce the risk of infection and to keep children, staff and parents safe whilst on school site.


Groups of children (bubble) size

  • Years 2 – 6 will be in their class bubble with the same teacher and TA in their classroom, for most of the time
  • The government’s guidance allows for additional teachers to be with the class i.e music specialist in YR – Y2, once a fortnight; Y3-6 Spanish specialist; Y1-6 Sports Coach and a supply teacher, where necessary
  • Y1 will be kept as a year group bubble (maximum number of 60, whereas the government allows for up to 240 children per year group in a secondary school.) For much of their time, they will be taught in their classroom but for the first half term at least; they need to experience Reception type provision i.e. planned, focused activities both inside and outside; in order to ‘catch up’ on the full time education they have missed, from March to July.
  • YR (Reception) will be kept as a year group bubble (maximum number of 60) in order to provide ‘catch up’ Nursery provision

Minimising contact and maintaining distance

  • Current government guidance recommends social distancing is not required between children in the same bubble
  • Children’s tables will be in rows and placed facing the front of the class
  • A 2m distance, where possible, will be kept between children and staff
  • Children will have their own tray (plastic wallet) of resources i.e. pencils, crayons, ruler, maths equipment
  • During staggered break and lunch times, children will stay within the class bubble  
  • Sit with children on a dining table only with children from their class bubble
  • Staggered planned visits to the toilet, where possible

Travelling to and from school

  • Children/staff on public transport will need to use a face mask
  • When arriving at school they should:
  • Wash their hands
  • Remove face mask without touching the front of it
  • Dispose of temporary face coverings in a covered bin
  • Or place reusable face coverings in a plastic bag they can take home with them

Safe staffing levels

  • All shielding and medically vulnerable staff will be in school, following the 2m distance rule with children and staff
  • The same Lunchtime Supervisor will supervise the class bubble daily in the hall whilst eating their lunch
  • The same Playground Supervisor will supervise the class bubble, outside during lunchtimes

Robust health and safety protocols

  • Responsible adult at the gate to ensure safe delivery of children into the school building and collection by parents/carers. Children CANNOT enter via the office. Late arrivals will report to the office; a message will be sent to the classroom; an adult will open the appropriate gate and admit the child to the school building
  • Clear signage, to remind parents of arrival and collection points, social distance and one way markings when dropping off or collecting children
  • Temporary one way markings will also be placed on the pavement along Osborne Road, which we would ask all parents to follow
  • Lunch boxes, snacks or drinks can be brought to school but, if possible; in one bag ONLY, which your child can easily access items from
  • Letters, messages informing you of any changes, will be sent when needed

Cleaning in all areas of the school

  • Children specifically taught good hygiene and reminded daily by staff and signage
  • Children will use hand sanitiser every time they enter the school building and also wash their hands every time they leave the classroom
  • Children provided with their own learning resources eg pencils, crayons, maths apparatus, whiteboards in a zipped plastic wallet or their tray, which are NOT shared
  • Only resources that can be easily cleaned after each use will be shared
  • Classroom tables wiped after each learning session and cleaned daily by cleaners
  • Lunch tables wiped after each bubble has finished lunch
  • A deep clean of the school will be undertaken during the last week of the summer holidays


School will be closed during the summer break in order to give staff time to relax and prepare for a potentially challenging term but one that we will deal with in our stride; as usual.


I wish you a peaceful, relaxing summer break and look forward to seeing you all safe and well in September.


Best wishes,


Michelle Gay

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