Letter to Parents 09.09.2020

Wednesday 9th September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you to all families for following the school’s guidelines in the last week.

It has been a sheer delight to have the children in and behaviour, in particular, has been exceptional. This is due to your care of your children during lockdown and the curriculum measures school has put in place to ease the children back into full time learning. Also, we can definitely see that you were teaching your children at home, so a huge thank you.

With increasing rates of infection in Birmingham, we need to ensure that we do all we can to reduce risks and keep all children, families and staff safe, so a few reminders:


  • All school communication will now only be available by the school website, Marvellous Me or groupcall. No letters will be printed and sent home.


  • When arriving at school to drop off or pick up, can parents please move inside the gates and socially distance by standing on the white crosses, ensuring free movement on the pavement for passers by.


  • When sending an envelope with money in, please remember to put the child’s name, class, what the payment is for and amount on the front of the envelope.


  • As part of the school’s travel plan, local enforcement officers will now be attending during school drop off and pick up times, and administering fines to anyone parked on yellow zig zag or double yellow lines. Please try to walk to school, when possible.


  • Children receiving free school meals will receive a packed lunch on Fridays to ensure the maximum time for learning. They are asked for their choice of filling each week.


  • Next week, we will be welcoming the Reception children, parents/carers to school, so please be aware that there may be more congestion by the reception gate.


  •  We will also have the challenge of ensuring we fit everyone in for lunch. Rest assured, procedures will be reviewed daily by Mrs Taylor (Strategic Business Manager) and changes implemented promptly.


Please take care of yourselves and our local community.

Michelle Gay

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