Letter to Parents 15.09.2020

Tuesday 15th September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

It is important during these difficult times to ensure that children attend school.


The guidelines below are the ones that all schools should be following if anyone displays Covid symptoms and if a positive case is confirmed.

Symptoms presented by:

  1. Any household member – all siblings at any school and all adults must isolate at home
  2. Only the person with symptoms should request a test
  3. A close contact outside of the home/household – children still come to school


Positive case: notified by

  1. Person in the household – all household members isolate
  2. Test only requested if a person has symptoms
  3. Another school where a sibling of an Osborne pupil attends– Osborne child still comes to school and only isolates if they develop symptoms
  4. Osborne child – please inform school as soon as possible please. School will contact Public Health England and the most likely advice would be for class or year group bubble to isolate.


Schools are expected to have a Remote Learning plan in place by the end of September, so that all children needing to isolate from school will have access to full time learning.


On Friday, we will ask all parents/carers to complete an online-survey about the number and type of IT devices you have at home. This will help us to understand any issues and potentially offer support to individual families.


One final request, as all school communication will now only be available on the school website, Marvellous Me or groupcall and home, remote learning to be returned via the class e-mail; those parents who have not signed up to Marvellous me, please complete the form that your child will be bringing home this week.


Please take care of yourselves and our local community.


Michelle Gay

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