Letter regarding IT during a lockdown situation


Friday 25th September 2020 

Dear Parents/Carers, 

It is important during these difficult times to ensure that children attend school. If children cannot attend school because of: 

  • having Covid symptoms or  

  • isolation due to a family member or  

  • close contact with another person having a positive Covid test result. 

Then it is vital that their learning continues at home. 

Ii is always our intention to plan ahead as much as possible. To that aim, we would ask ALL parents/carers to complete the survey on our website which aims to identify the specific level of IT devices and internet connection for each family. 

The link is: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=nHVfwOR0TE-byGNUMsValr6AHeqVYghKhyEbV_b1IZlUQzlYUkJBN1kzTDFBVjBCUFFaN0dISDVROS4u 

The school can then tailor their learning provision (during another national or ‘bubble’ closure) to the needs of each class and where possible, offer support where it is most needed. 

If the school cannot ensure each family has purposeful IT provision at home which allows children to learn for over 5 hours per week day, then paper copies of daily/weekly will be available. 

As all school communication will now only be available 

  • on the school website,  

  • Marvellous Me or  

  • groupcall  

and home, remote learning to be returned via the class e-mail or Teams forms (school will send instructions later on how to access and use); those parents who have not signed up to Marvellous me, please ask for a form from the office. 


One final request, if you change address, phone number or e-mail, please inform the school immediately, as by law, school has to have two up to date contacts, even during a national lockdown. 


Please take care of yourselves and our local community. 


Michelle Gay 

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