Update Letter 06.10.2020


Tuesday 6th October 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have now had all of the children back in for two weeks and everything is working well except for Friday lunchtimes; despite trying various strategies.


As a result of the restricted outside space and staff numbers, children have to rush their lunch, some children do not get some or all of their playtime or have to line up and wait for a long time.


Therefore, from FRIDAY 9th OCTOBER onwards

· Reception, Y1 and Y2 children will eat their packed lunch in school as usual

· All KS2 (Y3, 4, 5 & 6) children will leave school with their packed lunch

· All children will leave school at an earlier time, as identified in the table below

· There will be no change to Friday afternoon provision for those families currently using the service

  RD, 1DM, 2H, 3AF, 4C, 5FB RS, 1H, 2B, 3F, 4W, 6PH

Arrival time Monday

- Friday

8:45 am 9:00 am

Collection time

Monday - Thursday

3:15 pm 3:30 pm

Collection time


12:15 pm 12:30 pm

Two reminders

1. Please remember that only medicines prescribed by the doctor can be given by school staff. Pain relief, such as Calpol, must be given by the parent visiting school at the appropriate time for the next dose.

2. Please complete the online-survey on our website about the number and type of IT devices you have at home. If another lockdown occurs, school will be able to access at least 53 free laptops/i-pads and provide internet connection (if needed.) We can only do this if we are aware of family’s needs.


Please take care of yourselves and our local community.


Michelle Gay

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