Learning Consultations during the pandemic  9.11.20


Monday 9th November, 


Dear Parent/Carer, 


We will be unable to invite parents/carers into school during the pandemic but it is important that we share your child’s current performance, behaviour and attendance with you. 


The Coronavirus pandemic has inevitably led to gaps in every child’s education. Please see the past and current test scores on the document sent via class e-mail or a posted letter for those who do not have Wi-Fi (and have informed us.) 


Although some of these gaps may take some time to fill, we want to close these learning gaps as soon as possible. Therefore, we are sharing with you what we have been, and will continue to do, to tackle these. 


We have been focussing on these areas with your child through: 

  • Quality First Teaching  

  • Regular retrieval practices of new learning 

  • Targeted support in class covering gaps 

  • Catch up sessions 

  • Sending out weekly home learning on the school website (www.osborneprimaryschool.co.uk) 

  • Using links within other curriculum areas (e.g. topic to teach reading, writing and maths skills) 

  • Specialist 1:1 interventions 

  • SEND pre-tutoring sessions 

  • Reading Plus and revision guides in Y6 

  • Access to remote learning, via the website, for any children self-isolating and not attending school. 


We would also like to share with you, things that you can do to help to support your child at home, in order to close these gaps more quickly. Please see the areas and suggested support on the document sent via class e-mail. 


Once you have received the information via class e-mail from your child’s teacher, please arrange a phone call via class e-mail, if you need to discuss: 

  • assistance with supporting your child at home,  

  • your child’s assessments 

  • Special Educational Needs provision with the SENDCo (Miss Briginshaw) after consultation with the teacher 


If the class teacher is at all concerned about your child’s engagement, behaviour, attendance or performance they will ensure they speak to you. 


Please be aware that these conversations will have to take place after school, as they will be teaching throughout the day. 


Yours sincerely, 



Michelle Gay 

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