Newsletter 15.01.2021


Diary Dates

End of Term report – sent out by Friday 15th January

Learning consultation weeks by telephone for most children from 1st – 12th February

AfA meetings by telephone from 22nd – 26th February


Parents who have children attending school in lock down must inform the school office if children are going to be absent, as school complete a daily return to the Department of Education.


Learning - Online / Remote

There has been a great demand from parents regarding the need for a laptop and school are pleased to have given out close to 100 devices, which parents have greatly appreciated.


Reception, Y1 and Y2

Y3, 4, 5 & 6

Government Expectations

3 hours

4 hours

School Expectations

15 / 20 Teams quizzes/tasks per week

15 / 20 Teams quizzes/tasks per week

Any child not completing 15 / 20 tasks from the weekly learning overview sheet on the website will receive a monitoring call. to understand why this has not been achieved. Actions may need to be identified by Assistant Heads or the Head Teacher.

The school website address is: Any concerns should be reported to the Teams e-mail address.

The weekly learning overview sheet will be placed on the website by 4pm each Friday, so parents are able to plan their activities for the next week.

Paper Work Pack

In order to provide daily feedback to children in a variety of subjects and prepare the most effective learning for the next day, paper work packs will ONLY be provided for those families without access to Wi-Fi, appropriate data packages or a device.

Anyone without the above, should contact school via the Teams e-mail, if they have any difficulty.


Sincere Thanks

We have been amazed and impressed with the generosity of people, within our community and beyond, with their support for the children of Osborne Primary School. They have either donated money or devices, so that your children can access on-line learning at home.

A staff member’s aunt, including donations from other relatives, donated a sum of £600!!

A neighbour donated a laptop.

An x pupil’s parent and someone living in the community donated a tablet each.

I will be sending a letter of thanks, but if any of you or your children would like to send a thank you note or drawing by post or via the enquiry e-mail, we will happily forward them to the donators.


Admissions for Reception September 2021

The deadline for securing a place at Osborne Primary School in September for a child who will be 4 is TODAY.

Apply at:



Food Parcels

Firstly, huge thanks must go to the catering staff, who with very little preparation time to:

  • place unexpected orders
  • for an unknown number of children
  • arrange deliveries
  • apportion the nutritionally identified food into the bags
  • whilst still cooking hot meals for those children in school

have created an amazing food parcel, especially considering some food parcels published by the media this week.

So many parents have expressed their gratitude when receiving the parcels and this has been appreciated.

The caterers are only given £7.50 per food parcel, compared to the £15 given to each child’s family by a voucher, as the government realise it is more expensive to buy food in small quantities.

However, the Cook has kindly demonstrated how the food in the parcel could be used to create 5 nutritional meals, with some food left over.


Several of you, not all politely, have asked why food vouchers have not yet been sent out to you yet, as you would prefer food vouchers.


Unfortunately, the government only advised us yesterday of the ordering process, despite the fact they had mentioned vouchers would be available, over a week before!!


Also, the caterers had to order dry food by Tuesday, so school was forced to provide food parcels next week. Food parcels will therefore be available on Tuesday 19th January from 9:30 – 10:15. All eligible families were sent a group call message yesterday reminding them to request their parcel.


Please be punctual, as staff are completing many tasks, in addition to their usual busy role.

Food vouchers will be sent out for the remaining four weeks before half term. At this moment, we have not been told if any vouchers will be available during half term. We will let you know, as soon as we have been told.

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