Newsletter 02.02.2021


Diary Dates

Learning consultation weeks by telephone for most children from 1st – 12th February

Half Term – School closed to all pupils

AfA meetings by telephone from 22nd – 26th February


Free School Meal Vouchers

The government is NOT providing vouchers during half term but Birmingham City Council will.

School will not be given any further details until the 8th February at the earliest, so please be patient.

If you are struggling to provide food at any time please let us know and we will be able to provide access to food parcels.


School Attendance

Government guidance says that schools should provide school places for those children who are vulnerable (receive a family support from many agencies) or have a parent who is a critical worker. This is to ensure that schools remain safe places for both children and staff during the pandemic.

School was praised, by Ofsted, for the support we are giving to the families experiencing difficulty with online learning, and ask parents to contact us with any difficulties they are facing, as a school place is not possible for the majority of our children.


Learning - Online / Remote

Thank you to the many parents who are persisting and ensuring that their child is completing at least 15 / 20 of Teams assignments per week. If children undertake less than this number, the child’s learning will be detrimentally effected. So home visits (safe and well checks) will then be made by an Assistant Head and/or the Head Teacher.

For all work provided, there will be several ‘chilli’ colour coded tasks which enable children of all abilities to work at their own level of challenge. This may vary for different subjects and even for a piece of work in the same subject, but on different days. Your child will know which colour of ‘chilli challenge’ they frequently complete in school, but also know they should always try to challenge themselves, where possible, even if they are unsuccessful.

If children make mistakes, that is fine, as teachers are very skilled and will work out why, and then adapt their teaching for the next day. Parental support is very much appreciated when children are completing tasks, but it is very important that if your child is struggling with the work, you DO NOT complete it for them.


Q&A sessions regarding COVID-19 vaccination

The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is our best defence against the virus. The vaccine is highly effective and it is currently being rolled out across Birmingham to priority groups. Throughout February there will be 5 online Q&A sessions which will allow the public to ask any questions they may have about the vaccination.  On the panel will be the Birmingham & Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group, local representatives and Councillor Paulette Hamilton, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care.

It is strongly recommended that people attend the session that is relevant to where they live, as some of the information in the webinar will be localised:

4th February at 6pm-7.30pm. North Birmingham

9th February at 6pm-7.30pm. South Birmingham

11th February at 6pm-7.30pm. East Birmingham

24th February at 6pm-7.30pm. West Birmingham

25th February at 6pm-7.30pm. Central Birmingham

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