Expectations on Teams


Tuesday 9th February 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

Thank you so much for engaging children in their learning, we really do applaud parents for making every effort to assist in their child’s essential learning, despite many barriers.

Firstly, I would like to share some positives – and there are lots of them! It is wonderful to see so many children engaging and sending their work in. We know this situation is far from ideal, but at least we can see progress in your child’s learning. Also, most children are attentive and behave appropriately in lessons, so thank you for supporting them to do this.

I know there continue to be a few issues re device usage, but it is pleasing to see that so many people have collected laptops, where needed, and are making every effort to use them.

In order for all children to continue enjoying using Microsoft Teams in a safe and enjoyable manner, it is essential that the everyone behaves as well as they would within the normal classroom.

When using Teams, school ask you to:

  • Come dressed and ready for the session, as children need a ‘near normal routine.’ Please avoid pyjamas


  • Pay full attention, whether recorded or live, and encourage you not to eat.


  • Have your camera switched on so your friends and staff can see you.


  • Speak politely or send polite messages to staff and your friends.


  • Follow the instructions given by your teacher. You should not interfere with things they are trying to show you.


  • Listen respectfully to others. Use the mute microphone to ensure everyone has a chance to be heard.


  • Use the HAND UP icon to show you wish to say something.


  • Only post into the chat/message board when you want to tell your teacher something or ask for help. Please remember your posts can be seen by EVERYONE so avoid non-work chat please.


  • Make your family aware that you are on a class chat so their conversations cannot be overheard, or they don’t accidentally make a star appearance!

If any pupil should choose not to follow these rules, then you will be asked to leave the live session or be muted in the Teams group, so you cannot contribute to the class board.  If any behaviours persist after this, then the school’s behaviour and online safety policies will be used to support any additional consequences.

Thank you for your support,

Mr Heathershaw

IT and Remote Learning Lead

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