Newsletter 10.2.2020


Diary Dates

Half Term – Monday 15th – Friday 19th February. School closed to all pupils.

Training Day – Monday 22nd February. School closed to all pupils.

School open to children – Tuesday 23rd February

AfA meetings by telephone from 22nd – 26th February


Free School Meal Vouchers

Vouchers will be sent out on Friday for half term, which are from a different provider as this is Local Authority, not government funded.

If you are struggling to provide food at any time please let us know and we will be able to provide access to food parcels.


Learning - Online / Remote

Many children are now completing their Teams assignments but some of them are finding the assignments difficult or are not being as successful as they could be, because they are not watching the videos before completing tasks. These videos are the most important part of any online learning because they are a substitute for the teacher in the class, who would always:

  • recap on common errors made in the previous day’s assignments
  • revisit the previous day’s learning and
  • teach the new procedure.

Children will be used to this procedure when learning directly at school. Please supervise and ensure that your child watches the video first and then completes the Teams assignment, or their learning potential will be greatly decreased.

Thank you to those families who were visited last week and are ensuring their child completes work or have sent their child to school. More visits will be undertaken during this week.


Process for Secondary School Places offer Day for September 2021 (current Y6)

    • Letters will be with you on March 1st confirming which secondary school your child will be attending from September 21.
    • Offer letters will state that unless the offer of a place is refused, it will be assumed that the offer has been accepted.
    • If you are happy with the school placement; do nothing.
    • A dedicated email address ( will be provided for parents/carers to email us if they wish to refuse the place offered.
    • All refusals received up to the stated deadline (15th March 2021) will be updated on our records, and places will be withdrawn accordingly.

Potential for School to Reopen to all Pupils

Currently, only key (critical) worker and priority children will be attending school from Tuesday 23rd February until Friday March 5th March. So parents should ensure that their children continue to access the online learning provided by the school during this period.

The government has said it will make an announcement on Monday 22nd February regarding the potential further opening of schools, in order to give schools two weeks to plan for any changes.


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