Letter RE OfSTED 03.03.21


Wednesday 3rd March 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


The Ofsted report has now been released to school and is attached. Pleasingly, it reports that:

Leaders and those responsible for governance are taking effective action to provide education in the current circumstances.


These improvements have been made by the dedicated, hardworking Osborne staff who only ever have the best interests of every child at the heart of every action they take.


Although Ofsted couldn’t undertake a full monitoring inspection of the identified actions from March 2019, they have reported on the identified improvements in reading and SEND provision.


The two curriculum actions identified by Ofsted in the report, were already identified by the school on the school improvement plan and are being addressed. However, the closure of schools for over six months has slowed down the progress that we were intending to make.


With the staff’s enthusiasm and support from the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (plus school’s being open) we hope to make significant improvements by the end of this academic year.


If you do have any questions regarding the report please contact us via e-mail at enquiry@osborne-pri.bham.sch.uk or via the contact us icon on the website.


Yours faithfully,


Michelle Gay

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