Newsletter 23.06.2021



Newsletter 23.06.2021

Diary Dates

Reports – out to parents 14th July


Parent Pay

We are going cashless from September, please look out for details over the coming weeks. 



Unfortunately, four influential members of staff will be leaving us at the end of term.

Miss Briginshaw has worked tirelessly to improve chances for all SEND children and been an immense support to children, parents and staff. During her seven years at Osborne. She will be greatly missed but has secured a SENDCo role in a large school very close to home.

Mrs Smythe has been like an additional teacher for nearly 20 years, supporting children, staff and pupils with great humour, dedication, compassion and consistency. She will be retiring and looking after herself for a change.

Miss Finney, has supported many children diligently, considerately and with great humour but her mental health sessions for staff have also been really appreciated. She will be taking on a new challenge but her strategies will continue to be well used.

Mr Wall is also seeking a new career pathway which I am sure will prove as successful as his Sports Coach Role. Not only has he improved the teaching of PE but significantly increased the enjoyment, engagement, and enthusiasm for children during PE, lunch and after school sessions. 

Replacements for all four roles are being actively sought and we hope to confirm the arrangements before the end of term, if possible.



Our target is 97%

Disappointingly we have only reached 94.93% since we returned to school on 8th June.

Well done to 2H 98.01% and 3AF 97.83%

Almost there were;    RS-96.98%       5FB-96.10%                                  

All other classes need to push a bit harder, especially Mr Doherty’s class with only 88.70%    

1DM-93.32%             1H-90.93%        2B-92.38%            

3F-93.92%   6PH-94.15

If your child is absent you should call the school office before 9.30 am or home visits, may be necessary?

Non-attendance on Friday’s and on bad weather days is being monitored as some families are regularly absent.

Thank you for your continuing support.



We have written to the City Council and to Jack Dromey MP to highlight issues with litter and fly tipping near the school.  In our letters we said:

“We feel that it’s not fair on the environment that we have to put up with things like this.  It looks bad in front of our school.  We also think it’s not fair on the people who are living there.  Also, it could be harmful to animals if they try to eat or nest in the rubbish.  It could affect anyone walking down the road and could be dangerous.

We suggest that you ask people who live there for their thoughts, and make sure they aren’t fly tipping.  We suggest more signs, but we notice that people drop litter in front of the signs.  We would like to ask you to arrange a tidy up of the area.  We see people picking up litter, which is great, but we think we need more of them.

We have started an Eco Friendly pledge in school, and are trying to make everyone aware of how we can look after our environment.  We would like any ideas you may have about this.”

Please can we ask everyone to make sure litter isn’t being dropped, and to do everything we can to look after our environment? Thank you.


Football in the Community

Aston Villa FC are currently looking to start new Toddler Sessions for 2-3 Years Old. They have put together an online expression of interest form to see if many parents in our community would be interested in attending. 

Please access the form via the below link.

Aston Villa Foundation | Toddlers Session (2-3 Years Old) – Expression of interest

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