School Governors


Hello. My name is Rona Gorton and I am your Chair of Governors. I joined the Osborne 'family' as a volunteer in 2011, and was later approached about becoming a governor, which I did in 2012. Earlier this year, after serving for a time as Vice-Chair, I was nominated and elected as Chair. I am an Erdington girl born and bred and was a child at Osborne Infants and Juniors back in the 1960s. Little did I realise that my offer of help in 2011 would lead to this! My role is one that I take very seriously, but at the same time is one that I'm very happy and honoured to perform.

I continue to volunteer at Osborne two days a week. In doing this I have got to know the children and staff, and they me. It's also given me an appreciation of how challenging and rewarding day to day life can be in school. Hopefully this knowledge is helping me to be a more informed and understanding Chair.

The school offers many opportunities to our children to develop not only their academic abilities, but also their social and personal skills, which I firmly believe to be just as important.

I'm proud to be part of Osborne. I believe that it's important for my governor colleagues and
I to support our children and staff in all they to in order to achieve their full potential.

In my time at Osborne, with a massive contribution from staff, we have progressed from an Ofsted rating of 'requires improvement' to being judged as a 'good' school with 'outstanding' leadership and management. As a governing body we are one hundred percent committed to continuing this improvement, and will achieve it by not only supporting on all levels where we can, but by challenging where we believe it to be necessary.

Osborne Primary is on a journey, which governors, children, families and staff are all embracing, and I personally feel privileged to be part of. Thank you.


The Role of the Governing  Body

All of our governors are volunteers and their term of office is normally four years, although they can be re-elected with the agreement of the other members. They are enrolled from all areas of the community, bringing different perspectives to the Governing Body, but have the school's best interests in common.

Governors are  not responsible for the day to day running of the school. This remains the Head Teacher's role.  The Governing Body role is a strategic one and is performed around the following functions as laid down by government:

1. Setting vision, ethos and strategic direction

2.  Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff

3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school, and making sure its money is well spent

The Governing Body has legal responsibilities and duties which they are held to account for, and their performance is scrutinized as part of the Ofsted inspection. In order to meet these standards, the members have their own individual areas of accountability, but work very much as a whole, supporting not only the school, but each other. To ensure that the governing board is performing as well as it can, the members are constantly reviewing their practises and receiving appropriate training.

Members of the Governing Body all meet at least once a term. The governors also work on different committees responsible for particular areas of the school's business.The committees are:

Finance and Premises

Rona Gorton (Vice Chair), Michelle Gay, Sonia Griffiths


Curriculum and Standards

Merryl Graham (Chair), Michelle Gay,

Rona Gorton, Marlene Guscoth, Herline Simon


Pay and Recruitment

Rona Gorton, Michelle Gay, Herline Simon


In addition  to being on committees,   governors  also take on responsibilities   for various aspects of the curriculum   and the  school's general  running.   This entails  visits to the school speaking  to staff and children.  Governors  need to question  and sometimes  challenge  what they  see and hear to ensure that  the best is being done for our pupils.


The current  areas of responsibility for our governors  are:

Attendance:  Rona Gorton 

Literacy:  Marlene Guscoth and Herline Simon

Governor Training and Health and Safety:

SEN: Merryl Graham

Computing and Online Safety: Herline Simon

Curriculum: Marlene Guscoth and Merryl Graham

Maths and Safeguarding: Rona Gorton


Becoming a Governor

The role of governor is challenging, frustrating, and time consuming. However it can be extremely rewarding knowing that you are working alongside a group of like minded co/leagues, with the common objective being the education, welfare and happiness of our children.

For a range of reasons, governors leave and new members are almost always needed. If you think you, or someone you know may be interested in the role, please get in touch with one of us via the front office for a chat. The main qualification is commitment, and almost everything else can be taught.


Osborne Governing  Body Members


** To be elected October 2018 **

Parent Governor: 

Local Authority Governor:   [Vice Chair]

Co-Opted Governors: Marlene Guscoth, Herline Simon, Merryl Graham and Rona Gorton  [Chair] 

Staff Governor:Sonia Griffiths

Head Teacher Governor:  Michelle Gay

Clerk: Claire Richards


To Contact the school Governors, please e-mail

with your request and this will be forwarded to the appropriate person.